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The End of the World

In a dream I saw the exact time of the apocalypse. When the population of the earth reaches seven billion (7 000 000 000), then the end of the world will come.

I begin reading a book. Some tell me that is is forbidden because it is a book about black magic. But I answer that I would rather die than not read the book, even if I were afraid of its content. But what should I be afraid of? The title reminds me of "The Book of the Law" (by Aleister Crowley) and of "The Magic System of Golden Dawn" (by Israel Regardie). I read the first page. It begins with when the time has come, there is neither a forwards nor a backwards. And now the time has come and there will be a nuclear war. I see how the globe is covered with clouds all around, caused by a nuclear war.
I am shocked; I want to know exactly when it will be. But instead of a specific year, I see a scale with numbers. With the help of a specific multiplier, the exact time can be calculated. It is the exact moment of the return of Jesus. The calculation seems too complicated to me - I can't do it. Now the numbers on the scale are moving as if they were on a slot machine. Lots of zeros appear. The first number is stuck on seven. Next to it I count nine zeros. I know all at once, that this all is going to happen when the population of the earth reaches seven billion - then Jesus will come.

The dream tells me that the history of man has reached its end and now the world faces nuclear war. Nobody wants one, but it will come anyway because there is no going back to the past without atomic weapons. War could also be necessary for the goal of God. Because shouldn't God, who duplicated himself in all people, use a last war as a solution to all problems? The first time the world was destroyed by water; the second time it has to be the opposite: fire. Only a partial destruction can take place, because the beginning of a new age, the return of Jesus, would be pointless without people.

With the fall of communism many thought that the danger of nuclear war had receded. But something else happened - the disintegration sped up the spread of atomic weapons that could be secretly stored in various places. Strong governments of the former Soviet States could prevent that. The States would also be necessary for building up the economy, which would have to include the small farmers. One would only need to orient oneself with the development of some far- eastern lands. They protected their market for so long, until it became competitive so that the hard-earned value of currency would not be destroyed in foreign countries. Free travel and trade had to be limited. But which countries want something like an Iron Curtain again?

More dangerous than an economic imbalance is the hate that forms when old traditions and morals are lost due to western influence.

The dream has still another meaning: namely that Jesus' return is comparable to the shock of an atomic war. He said himself that when the sea is full of fish, in other words when the earth becomes overpopulated, the net will be pulled onto the land. Then everyone gets what they paid for.


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