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Progress = Regression

We are living in the world of dualism. If we win something on one side, then we will lose something on the other side. Many people believe in the development of human being. I am convinced of a regress.
Just a few people believe the words in the bible, that the first generation of human being could live several hundreds of years. Nobody will believe, that the human brain could have understood any kind of language.
I believe every impossibility is possible.

I have quoted the Bible, not because I assumed it to be right from the beginning, but because of the opposite, because my available thoughts were confirmed and because it gave me the belief in the absolute correctness of my thoughts.

The development of the human race is like a tree that keeps branching out. The single branches became thinner than the original trunk. Man's genes have become specialized - a marriage within the family has become impossible. I believe in the story of Adam and Eve because the traditional bowing to the ancestors throughout the history of humanity could just have been started with the death of Adam and not with development from the monkey.
I am convinced that the human race did not develop further. Instead, I believe that it has taken a step backwards. Through the origin of duality, immortality was lost through the changing of breathing, the long lifespan. Immortality was further lost through the creation of culture (Tower of Babel) the brain became specialized and lost the ability to understand other languages. The step backwards goes further past the Middle Ages and early history. The age of enlightenment was actually a period darkening because the ways of thinking of the »unexplained« were not understood. Man set his midpoint further towards the outside as the sun replaced the earth as the center of the universe. (Now countless earths and suns exist in space, therefore the center has dissolved and has to return again to the individual.)
The step backwards continues into the present time, in which the emancipation of the woman was propagated, and society became more numb. The denial of feeling goes so far that more and more people go around naked without being addressed in a sexual manner.

In the Bible, the book of Daniel, the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar sees the progressive reduction in the quality of the empires that were to come after him: from his golden empire to a silver one, to copper up until the last: an empire of a mixture of iron and clay. Then he sees how the empires are shattered and the son of God returns.
I think the collapse of the industrial nations is only possible as a result of a nuclear war. Another solution would be if every person followed his conscience. However the human race is further away than ever before. What remains is my longing for the destruction of this age and the beginning of another, new age.


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